Core Alignment Splicer

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       OFS-95S  Fusion Splicer                                                                                                   User Manual Download

    OFS-95S fiber optic fusion splicer is designed as a highly flexible instrument with 6-motor precise micron level control and splice loss lower than 0.02dB for G.652 fiber. Equipped with removable universal fiber holders (250μm/900μm/patchcord/FTTx indoor fiber etc.), SOC holder and internal thermometer / barometer, OFS-95S can be deployed anywhere. Fast 5s startup, 9s splicing and automatic heating features enable the splicer an efficient tool for large volume splicing operation during fiber installation and maintenance.


         Compact and light:1.7Kg with battery

       ●   6 motors core alignment for precise high-quality splicing

          SMF (G.652), MMF (G.651), DSF (G.653), NZ-DSF (G.655), BIF (G.657), EDF splicing

       ●   One-fit-all fiber holders for bare fiber, pigtails, patch cords and FTTH indoor fibersplicing

       ●   Auto fiber end-face inspection, auto arc position adjustment, splice loss calculation, temperature and pressure compensation

         Auto and manual splicing

       ●   Splicing≤9s, heating≤25s(time and power adjustable)

       ●   Arc counter prompts electrode change upon usage

       ●   Auto arc optimization

       ●   Auto heating

       ●   Dual V-groove for perfect fiber alignment

       ●   X/Y and X+Y display for clear fiber core image

       ●   Quick mount battery with power indicator, housed in dust and water splash proof battery dock

       ●   DC output to power external devices

         Built-in illumination

       ●   Wind – dust – rain - shock proof

       ●   Auto display flip

       ●   Graphical user interface for easy understanding and operation

       ●   Multi-language support

       ●   Optional password protection and GPS function




    Fiber Type


    Protection Sleeve

    40mm - 60mm

    Splicing Principle



    6motors core alignment

    Splice Control

    Auto and manual splicing

    Arc Optimization


    Display Mode

    X, Y, X+Y

    User Interface

    Graphical interface, multiple language support

    Splice Result

    Auto splice result(Loss) calculation and display


    5000 splice records (CSV format), 100 screenshots

    Data Port


    Fiber Diameter

    Cladding: 80~150μm,coating: 100~1000μm

    Cleave Length


    Splice Loss

    MMF≦0.01dB(Typical);SMF/BIF≦0.02dB(Typical); DSF/NZDSF/EDF≦0.04dB(Typical)

    Return Loss


    Splice Time


    Heating Time

    ≤25s, adjustable


    200x (Xor Y)

    Electrode Life

    ≥5000 splices

    Tension Test


    Start-up Time


    Power Supply

    220V±10%,50Hz; Rechargeable lithium battery

    Battery Life

    ≥200 splicing and heating

    Chanrging Time

    ≤4 hours


    125x125x135mm(L x W x H)


    1.7Kg(with battery)

    Work Temperature


    Storage Temperature





    0 m~5000 m

    Wind Speed

    ≤15 m/s


    Splicer unit x1, Fiber holder x 1 (pair),Lithium battery x 1,Power adapter x 1,Fiber cleaver x 1, Cooling tray x 1,USB cable x 1, Carry case x 1, Quick Reference 

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