TOTAL Solution

ShinewayTech offers a wide range of portable instruments for use in the fiber optic industry. Maintaining its competitive edge has made ShinewayTech fast develop in the marketplace and the company believes that this is mainly attributed to continuous R&D investment and listening to the needs of its customers.


WIN-WIN Policy

ShinewayTech provides you with a mutually beneficial partnership which will contribute towards your organization's ongoing success.


EASY to Cooperate

For all your needs, whether it is about technical or commercial, please feel free to contact us. We are open to listen from and always ready to support you!


Distribution and OEM cooperation welcomed! 




Why OEMs choose ShinewayTech

ShinewayTech solutions are complementary to many vendor solutions, and we encourage joint efforts that solve customer-specific challenges. That's why we're proud to align with several world leading vendors.


The famous network test equipment manufacturers select ShinewayTech handheld optical T&M solutions to OEM as part of their product portfolio. We have a proven track record of working with the leading test equipment vendors to build innovative solutions that reduce operational expenses and maximize their competitive advantage.


How ShinewayTech benefits our OEM partners


We combine our innovative solutions and R&D expertise with industry knowledge to create a genuine co-development of better solution.


We maximize customer satisfaction by providing products with world class quality, high performance and sound services at a lower cost.


We help you reduce operational expenses while offering valuable optical network T&M solutions for your portfolio by taking advantage of our well established OEM processes, professional R&D teams and manufacturing facilities to ensure high quality and on-time deliverables.


We know in-depth how to collaborate with OEM partners to coordinate requirements clarification, re-branding specifications, after-sales repairing, customer support and quality programs.


Your potential revenue increases by offering more competitive products that drives new sales opportunities.


If you are interested in OEM or forming an alliance with ShinewayTech, please contact


Channel Partners


Our channel partners are a fundamental part of ShinewayTech solutions. We believe that dedicated and motivated partners are vital to our success where professionalism, effort and results are rewarded. As such, we've created a channel program that encourages participation based on a win-win model. We also offer a range of benefits to make you more competitive and communicate more efficiently.


It is our aim to be a globally recognized supplier of competitive optical network T&M solutions. We expect our distributors through their focused market activity to support us in that aim.



If you are interested in ShinewayTech's global channel partner program, please contact