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    FSA-100 Series Spectrum Analyzer



    ●  All-digital IF technology

    ●  Frequency range : 9KHz to 6GHz

    ●  Minimum display noise level (DANL) up to -165dBm/Hz

    ●  Power dynamic range up to 100dB and maximum continuous input power >= 27dBm

    ●  SSB phase noise -90dBc/Hz @10kHz offset (typical) 

    ●  Minimum RBW is 1Hz

    ●  RF Attenuator Range : 0~55dB, 5dB step

    ●  Support ACPR, channel power, transmit bandwidth, occupied bandwidth, C/I measurement

    ●  Support AM, FM, FFT, IQ demodulation at zero bandwidth

    ●  7 inch color touch screen LCD, high resolution 1024*600

    ●  Strong file management ability: batch edit/delete/filter supported

    ●  Support normal, black and white, night vision, highlighting and other display modes

    ●  More than 4.5 hours working time


    ShinewayTech® FSA-100 series 6GHz spectrum analyzer are widely used in 2G/3G/4G/5G etc. FSA-100 series have the industry's rare high receiver sensitivity performance with a minimum display average noise level of -165dBm/Hz. Power measurement dynamic range up to 100dB, maximum RF input power exceeds 27dBm. FSA-100 series are equipped with a 7" ultra-large capacitive touch screen (resolution 1024*600). Excellent user experience.

    The FSA-100 series combine high performance, high portability and maneuverability with excellent engineering design, making it small in size and light in weight. At the same time, with more than 4.5 hours of working time, it can meet all kinds of complex environment signal measurement. The FSA-100 series are an essential measurement tool for the construction, upgrading and maintenance of next-generation wireless networks.



       Measurement (Sweep Mode)                                             Measurement (ACPR)





    Measurement Mode

    Sweep mode

    frequency sweep, adjacent channel power ratio, channel power, OBW/EBW, carrier-to-noise ratio

    Zero bandwidth mode

    AM, FM, FFT, IQ Demodulation


    Frequency Range

    9 kHz to 6GHz

    Counter resolution

    1 Hz

    Frequency Range

    0Hz100 Hz ~6GHz

    Frequency Resolution

    1 Hz

    Frequency Reference Source

    Master Frequency

    100 MHz

    Initial Accuracy15 to 35

    <±1 ppm

    Temperature Stability

    <±0.5 ppm

    Aging Rate

    <1.5 ppm/ year

    SSB Phase Noise @1GHz

    10 kHz Carrier offset

    <-90 dBc/Hz (Typ.)

    100 kHz Carrier offset

    <-100 dBc/Hz (Typ.)

    1 MHz Carrier offset

    <-115 dBc/Hz (Typ.)


    Resolution Bandwidth RBW (-3dB)

    1 Hz to 3 MHz, 1-3-10 step

    Filter Shape Factor (60dB:3dB)


    Video Bandwidth VBW (-3 dB)

    1 Hz to 3 MHz, 1-3-10 step


    Amplitude Range

    Displayed Average Noise LevelDANLto +27 dBm

    Amplitude Accuracy


    Reference Level Range

    -160dBm - +40dBm

    RF Attenuator Range

    0dB-55dB,5dB step

    Amplitude Units


    Maximum DC Voltage

    50 V

    Maximum damage level

    CW Signal: +28 dBm (50MHz~6GHz)

    Pulse Signal: +31 dBm (50MHz~6GHz)

    Note: RF attenuation is 30dB

    +10 dBm (9kHz~50MHz)

    Displayed Average Noise LevelDANL

    Test conditions:

    Reference level -40dBm, RF attenuation 0 dB, trace the average number≥ 50, normalized to 1 Hz, 20 to 30, input impedance 50 Ω

    Preamplifier Off

    9 kHz to 10MHz

    <-143 dBm (Typ.)

    10MHz to 1GHz

    <-157 dBm (Typ.)

    1 GHz to 2 GHz

    <-156 dBm (Typ.)

    2GHz to 3 GHz

    <-152 dBm (Typ.)

    3 GHz to 4 GHz

    <-152 dBm (Typ.)

    4 GHz to 5 GHz

    <-146 dBm (Typ.)

    5 GHz to 6 GHz

    <-145 dBm (Typ.)

    Preamplifier On

    9 kHz to 10MHz

    <-147 dBm (Typ.)

    10MHz to 1GHz

    <-165 dBm (Typ.)

    1 GHz to 2 GHz

    <-165 dBm (Typ.)

    2GHz to 3 GHz

    <-163 dBm (Typ.)

    3 GHz to 4 GHz

    <-164 dBm (Typ.)

    4 GHz to 5 GHz

    <-159 dBm (Typ.)

    5 GHz to 6 GHz

    <-155dBm (Typ.)

    Display Functoin


    Display Grid



    Normal Bandwidth


    Zero Bandwidth






    Max. Hold, Min. Hold, Video Average, Power Average, Freeze, Refresh

    Display Mode

    Only memory, Only data, Data And Memory, Data +/- Memory, Data to Memory

    RF Input VSWR

    Test Condition: (RF attenuation ≥ 10 dB)


    300 kHz to 3 GHz

    <2 (Nominal Value)

    3 GHz to 6 GHz

    <2 (Nominal Value)

    Nonlinear Index

    Second Harmonic Distortion

    Test conditions: RF attenuation 10 dB, Input -30 dBm

    10MHz - 1.5GHz


    1.5GHz - 3GHz


    Third Order Intermodulation

    Test conditions: RF attenuation 10dB, Input -20dBm, Frequency Interval 1MHz

    30 - 3000MHz


    3000 - 6000MHz


    Spurious Response

    Vestigital Spurious

    <-90dBm, RF attenuation 0dB

    Input Correlation Spurious

    <-80dbc Test conditions: RF attenuation 0dB, Input -20 dBm

    Medium Frequency Feed Through

    <-55dBc; Medium Frequency =25MHz

    Image Rejection

    <-60dbc @ F1±250MHz  (F1: Input Frequency)


    Scan time

    Scan width ≥ 100 Hz

    1 ms to 2,000 s

    Zero Scan

    80μs to 300 s

    Scan mode

    Auto, Single


    Free to trigger


    Video trigger

    Threshold editable


    Detection methods

    Positive Peak, Negative Peak, Sample, RMS, Standard


    Radio-Frequency Signal Input


    50 Ω


    N type Female

    Reference Source


    Internal Reference Clock


    100 MHz, ±1 ppm


    External Reference Clock Input


    100 MHz

    Input Level

    0 dBm to +10 dBm


    50 Ω


    SMA (F)

    Communication Interface

    USB 1


    Type A

    USB 2


    Type B

    LAN Port


    10/100M, RJ-45

    AC Adapter

    Input Voltage Range

    100 V to 240 V AC, 50~60Hz

    output voltage range

    16 V DC/3.75A

    General Specification


    Chinese, English

    Display Screen

    7 inch Capacitive Touch screen, 1024×600 Pixels

    Internal Storage

    16GB SD Card


    11.8V, 7800 mAh lithium battery

    Power consumption

    16 W (Typ.)



    Operating Temp. Range

    -10 to 55

    Storage Temp. Range

    -40 to 70


    0 to 30

    ≤ 95%

    30 to 40

    ≤ 75%


    Operation Altitude

    2000 Metres


    (L×W× H)

    290 mm × 175 mm × 75 mm


    Weight (Including Battery)

    2. 8 kg

    * * Specifications subject to change without notice;



    (1) Specifications apply to the following conditions: the instrument is in the calibration cycle, stored at 0 °C to 55 °C for at least two hours, and preheating for 40 minutes. The data in this manual is a technical indicator containing measurement uncertainty unless otherwise stated.

    (2) Typ.: Represents the typical performance that can be achieved with 80% of the test results at room temperature (about 25 °C). This data is not guaranteed data and does not include measurement uncertainty.

    (3) Nominal ValueRepresents the expected average performance or design performance characteristics, such as a 50ΩConnector. This data is not guaranteed and is measured at room temperature (about 25 °C).

    (4) Measurement valueRepresents performance characteristics measured during the design phase, which can be compared with expected performance, such as amplitude drift over time. This data is not guaranteed and is measured at room temperature (about 25 °C).

    (5) Unless otherwise stated, all the charts in the manual are derived from the results measured by multiple instruments at room temperature.


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