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    OFS-80 Series Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer                                                                                                                     User  Manual


    ShinewayTech OFS-80 series optical fiber fusion splicer is designed with high-speed image processing technology and special precision-positioning technology, it automatically finishes the whole process of fiber fusion in 9 seconds typically, LCD monitor displays all steps of fiber fusion clear at a glance. Compatible with ITU-T SM/MM/DS/NZDS fiber, equipped with 250/900/Bowtie fiber holders and SOC adapter, OFS-80 series is your reliable fusion splicer for general-purpose optical network construction, FTTx and laboratory application.


    u  Auto core alignment

    u  Excellent splicing result

    u  Applicable to SM/MM fibers

    u  Interchangeable fiber holders (250mm/900mm/Bow-type drop cable) and Splice-on connector (SOC) adapter

    u  Both X and Y axis display

    u  Fiber core can be display clearly

    u  Quick-removable battery pack with power indicator 

    u  Inner light to set fiber in dark environment

    u  Auto check fiber end-face & splice loss calculation

    u  9 seconds splice time and 30 seconds heat time / 3 hours fast recharge

    u  60 preset/user-definable splicing programs

    u  Temperature and atmospheric pressure compensation function

    u  Arc power automatic optimization

    u  Built-in event counter with electrode change indication

    u  Splicing pause function and automatically resume when wind shield close

    u  Simple operation menu

    u  Exterior operation capability at rugged conditions

    u  Unique LCD screen transparent protection cover

    u  Sturdy weatherproof cover & Max. wind velocity of 15m/s

    u  Easy cleaning and maintenance


    Interchangeable fiber holders & Splice-on connector (SOC) adapter

    OFS-80E is engineered to work with interchangeable fiber holders which makes it easy for the operator to cleave and splice different types of fiber like 250mm, 900mm and Bow-type anywhere in the network. OFS-80E also supports splice-on connectors (SOC) splicing for efficient FTTx deployment and maintenance.



    Rigid multi-functional transporting case for field operation

    u  Complete protection of splicer

    u  Unique design of removeable spicer holder on case top for stable operation

    u  Intergrated tool box with cover on case top








    General splicing

    FTTx application

    250/900μm/Bow-type compatible;

    Splice-on connector (SOC) adapter

    General splicing

    FTTx application

    250/Bow-type compatible;

    Applicable Fibers

    SM (ITU-T G.652), MM (ITU-T G.651),

    DS (ITU-T G.653), NZDS (ITU-T G.655), ITU-T G.657

    Fiber Cleaved Length

    8~16mm (Coating diameter: 250?m)

    16mm (Coating diameter: 250 ~ 1000?m)

    Cladding Diameter

    80 ~150?m

    Coating Diameter

    100 ~ 1000μm

    Fiber Count


    Fiber Aligning Method

    Auto core alignment

    Return Loss


    Actual Average Splice Loss

    0.02dB (SM), 0.01dB (MM),

    0.04dB (DS), 0.04dB (NZDS)

    Splicing Mode

    60 preset/user-definable modes

    Splicing Time

    Typical 9 sec, with standard SM fiber

    Arc Calibration Mode

    Automatic and manual

    Protection Sleeve Length

    60mm, 40mm and a series of micro sleeves

    Storage Of Splice Result

    5000 results

    Tension Test


    Fiber Display/ Magnification

    240X(X and Y view)

    Tube Heating Mode

    Heating time adjustable: 20 ? 60 sec

    Tube Heating Time

    Typical 30 seconds

    Splicing/Heating Times

    Typical 120 cycles (splicing/tube heat) with Li-battery only


    5.7 inch color LCD monitor



    Operating Condition

    0 ~ 5000m above sea level; 0 to 95% RH; -10 to 50

    Max. wind velocity of 15m/s

    Storage Condition

    -20?C to + 70?C, 0 to 95% RH

    Power Supply

    AC adapter (AC-input: 100-240V; DC-output:14.5-15V); Li-battery (6600mAh)


    3.15 Kg (including battery)

    Dimensions (H×W×T)


    * Specifications subject to change without notice


    Ordering Information

    Standard Package Includes:


    Instrument, Power supply module, AC power cord, Spare electrodes (one pair), Cooling tray, Screen cover, Carrying case, Warranty card, User manual.


    HF-250 holder, HF-900 holder, HF-IN holder, SOC holder;

    Instrument, Power supply module, AC power cord, Spare electrodes (one pair), Cooling tray, Screen cover, Carrying case, Warranty card, User manual.

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