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    DPM-50 RF In Line Digital Power Meter

    DPM-50 has been designed for field engineers and technicians to perform power measurement in wireless network of various standards.

    DPM-50 features high dynamic range, high accuracy and high stability, it works with PC monitoring software and optional handheld monitor to perform real-time in-line monitoring on entire antenna system and saves test data for analysis and evaluation.

    The typical application is to monitor the transmitter and antenna of wireless base station during network installation and maintenance, DPM-50 can fast measure forward power of transmitter, reflected power of antenna and entire system’s VSWR. DPM-50 is the ideal tool for base station and antenna system measurement and troubleshooting.


      Measures 2G/3G wireless network, including GSM900/1800, CDMA800/1900, TD-SCDMA, WCDMA, CDMA2000, WLAN 2.4G & WiMAX or user-defined band

      High-accuracy forward/reflected power, VSWR, Return Loss & load power  measurement

      Peak power and Peak/Average Ratio measurement

      Burst power measurement

      Monitor function & test data saving

      PC monitoring software and handheld monitor for result display

      Standard N(Female) connector supports various transmission cable & antenna

      USB & DB9 interface                                     

      Reverse connection protection


      Handheld & portable

      Handheld monitor with backlight display

      USB for real-time monitoring & data transfer

      320×240 TFT Color LCD (Optional)

      Straightforward test result display






    Average Power Measurement

    Frequency Range


    Power Range


    Dynamic Range (dB)


    Insertion Loss (dB)



    1.05 to 99.9


    ≥30 (<3GHz); ≥28 (>3GHz)


    ±4%+0.05W (0~+15 or +35~+50 increase 3%)




    N (Female)

    Data Interface


    DPM Interface


    Peak Power Measurement

    Peak Power Range

    100mW to 500W

    Peak Power Accuracy

    Burst width >200us: ±7%;

    1us<Burst width< 200us: ±10%;

    0.5us<Burst width< 1us: ±15%;

    Burst width< 0.5us: ±20%;

    NOTE: lower 700MHz or higher 3300MHz, increase +3%

    lower 15or higher 35, increase +3%

    Duty Cycle lower 0.1, increase +0.1W

    Frequency  lower 10HZ, +( 1.5%+0.15W)

    Peak Average Ratio

    0 to12dB


    Measurement Range

    0.1 to 100%

    Measurement Accuracy


    Threshold Measurement Range

    0.05W to 500W

    Burst Power

    Burst Power Range

    100mW to 200W 

    Burst Width

    1us to 60ms

    Min. Measurement Frequency


    Measurement Accuracy

    ±6% +0.05W

    (0to +15 or +35to +50℃, increase +3%)

    Notelower 700MHz or higher 3300MHz, increase +3%

    Duty Cycle

    0.0001 to 1

    General Specifications

    Power Supply (Monitor)

    NiMH Battery/ AC Adaptor

    Operating Temperature

    -10to 50

    Storage Temperature

    -20to 70

    Relative Humidity

    0 to 85% (Non-condensing)


    480g (Sensor)/ 900g (Handheld monitor)

    Dimensions (H×W×T)

    130×124×34mm (Sensor); 220×110×70mm (Handheld monitor)

     * Specifications subject to change without notice

    Ordering Information

    Standard Package:

    DPM sensor, USB cable, Software CD, Soft carry bag, Warranty card, CE certificate, Certificate of calibration, User manual.

    Optional Parts

    1.     DPM-50-MTR   DPM handheld monitor

            2.     DB9 cable
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