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TPM-50A Terminal RF Digital Power Meter

TPM-50A has been designed for field engineers and technicians to perform power measurement in wireless network of various standards.

TPM-50A features high dynamic range, high accuracy and high stability. it works with PC monitoring software and optional handheld monitor to perform monitoring on entire antenna system and saves test data for analysis and evaluation.

The typical application is to monitor the transmitter and antenna of wireless base stations during network installation and maintenance, TPM-50A can quickly measure power of transmitter and entire system’s VSWR. 

TPM-50A is the ideal tool for base station and antenna system measurement and troubleshooting.   



●Measures 2G/3G /4G/ WiMAX wireless network, including GSM900/1800, CDMA800/1900, TD-SCDMA, WCDMA, CDMA2000, WLAN 2.4G & WiMAX or user-defined band

●High-accuracy forward power, VSWR, Return Loss & load power  measurement

●Peak power and Peak/Average Ratio measurement

●Burst power measurement

●CW power measurement

●Monitor function & test data saving

●PC monitoring software and handheld monitor for result display

●Standard N(Female) connector supports various transmission cable & antenna

●USB interface                                     



●Handheld & portable

●Measuring the burst signal, can accurately identify the width 1 us - 60 ms compared (about 50%) of the signal, and give detailed measurements

●USB for real-time monitoring & data transfer

●Straightforward test result display

●CE, FCC certificates


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