Entry Level Laser Source

Source: ShinewayTech     Date: 2020-04-07     Read: 4,604
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SLS-21 Series

Entry-level Stabilized Laser Source


ShinewayTech® SLS-21 series Stabilized Laser Source paired with a ShinewayTech optical power meter can meet the test requirements of fiber identification, attenuation / loss measurements, continuity verification and transmission quality evaluation on singlemode and multimode fibers in LAN / WAN / CATV systems, offering high quality, stability and competitive cost.



●Applicable on Singlemode / Multimode fibers

●Unique Output Power Display 

●CW/MOD tones output

●Quick response, no warm-up

●Interchangeable connectors: FC / SC / ST

●9V alkaline battery / AC adapter

●Power saving: Auto-off setting

●Pocketsize, lightweight and damp-dust-shock proof

●CE, FCC, FDA certificates

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